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Военни обекти

In any military operation – particularly construction – speed is of the essence. And that’s just what Tensar technology gives you. Both in the field and at base, our geogrid technology combines practical, effective solutions with the use of local materials for rapid response to any situation.

Permanent installations

Tensar are the specialists in ground stabilisation over weak or variable ground. And as far back as the Falklands conflict in 1982 our geogrid technology has been used to create military facilities that can help minimise construction time and maximise the use of local materials. These include constructing new runways, landing areas and noise and blast bunds, access roads and more – as well as reinforcing asphalt surfaces to extend service life at existing installations. In fact, we’ve even adapted a version of our TensarPave design software specifically for military use.

From access roads to airfields, Tensar has the answer

Rapid deployment

There are a number of ways Tensar’s innovative geogrids can cut down construction time:

  • Soft ground can be stabilised sufficiently to reduce the fill layer thickness in roads and also cut down the amount of excavation needed 
  • They can be used to improve site access and increase the bearing capacity of working platforms, therefore contributing to safety and reducing time on-site
  • Differential settlement can be controlled and weak deposits capped, to provide a reliable surface wherever needed
  • Stable embankments can be created quickly and easily
  • They can enable the use of site-sourced fill, minimising the need for imported materials

Whatever your needs, Tensar can help

Tensar has wide-ranging experience in military and civilian projects worldwide, and a full range of case studies is available. Simply use the links at the top of the page to find out more. Our experienced team of Civil Engineers can also provide expert advice, specifications, drawings, certified designs and details of pricing. Specific services are available by contract.

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